Hi Beautiful Person,
Welcome to this forum. This is a platform that delves deeper into discovering God through realities drawn from my story as;”People learn more from one’s truth.”
Am I anxious 😰? No doubt. I mean, rarely do we see people that bluntly tell it as it is. you know 🤷? But, I’d rather die to the Kingdom than live through this world satisfying mankind 😎.

As I accomplish my assignment, I pray that you each get to see and know the man Jesus.


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At around midday thirty something or so, I strolled from my room to the store – to plan for the day’s lunch and…. surprisingly 🤯, it was squeaky clean – as in NO FOOD. I walked back to the fridge – hoping to find some leftovers but… there’s NOTHING either. “What a day!” I sighed. … Continue reading MANNA


“Has it ever dawned on you that nothing dawns on God?”~ J.D Greear When life began to feel normal after the first Covid19 wave, it didn’t occur to any of us that we’d be up for a second one – right 🤷? And yet, here we are. Just like the first wave, many have lost … Continue reading NOTHING DAWNS ON GOD.

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