Hi Beautiful Person,
Welcome to this forum. This is a platform that delves deeper into discovering God through realities drawn from my story as;”People learn more from one’s truth.”
Am I anxious 😰? No doubt. I mean, rarely do we see people that bluntly tell it as it is. you know 🤷? But, I’d rather die to the Kingdom than live through this world satisfying mankind 😎.

As I accomplish my assignment, I pray that you each get to see and know the man Jesus.


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Hi there! Welcome back to this series. I pray God has kept and sustained thee. Today’s us picking up from our last pitstop. Be sure to check out the previous piece to catch you up on the tea! 😉 And, here we go…. The ball was in my court and how I dribbled it was … Continue reading SLAYING GOLIATH (⏩)


Concerning my father’s situation  [do check out the blog post titled Goliath for a glitch series 😊], I was so convinced that he wasn’t too far gone and – that his story could be redeemed. I began praying and hoping. On the other hand, I continued working on my relationship with him. So much for … Continue reading SLAYING GOLIATH (phase 1)


Hi Guys, its been a minute! How are y’all? I haven’t been so lost on these streets now have I?😂. Hey, I’m here now and that’s what matters yes? It is common for mankind to fear when for instance; when news on a loved one’s involvement in an accident suddenly hits you 😥. Alternatively, you … Continue reading WHOM SHALL YOU FEAR?

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