Hi Beautiful Person,
Welcome to this forum. This is a platform that delves deeper into discovering God through realities drawn from my story as;”People learn more from one’s truth.”
Do I have cold feet? Sure I do. But, I’d rather die to the Kingdom than live through this world satisfying mankind.

Each blog post is created to encourage and guide its readers to an enlightened livelihood under the umbrella of God’s great mercy & loving kindness towards humanity.


Latest from the Blog


“God is the only one who has the authority to tell you who you are.” – Sarah Mae. THE CRISIS While growing up, I always bragged about how I was a Mutooro rather than embracing my paternal roots. No doubt the Buganda culture is a beautiful one; but my father’s absence was enough icing to … Continue reading IDENTITY


THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY In the quest of my search for fulfillment, satisfaction and a sense of belonging, being body shammed for my then appearance caused my self esteem to waver.  One fine afternoon  as I was tidying up my mother’s wardrobe, my attention was  drawn to a box and my curiosity made … Continue reading SHEETS II


THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY – PART 1 I was woken up to understanding at about 5,6 years when all I’d rise to was the presence of one parent, my mother. “How about your father?” a question most of you must be pondering on. Ugh um, at the time my parents had parted … Continue reading SHEETS

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