Hi Guys,

Hopefully, you all are doing well.

As we draw close to winding up into the loong weekend, I thought I should come to us with a teaser πŸ˜†.

You’ve probably watched The Passion of the Christ movie or been to Sunday school where you heard the teacher tell the crucifixion story….Maybe the message of the cross isn’t new to our ears πŸ‘‚but, today’s post comes to all of us with a question; Do you truly believe in the cross of Christ?

I can hear you whimpering, “but of course”. It may be a simple question… however, permit me to indulge you in on something. I recently re-watched a movie titled ‘Do You Believe’ and 🀭, it took a toll on me (in a good way).

In the movie is a scene – where the preacher addresses the audience about believing in the cross of Christ. He mentions a whole lot of things and here’s what stood out for me…”True Biblical belief requires action. If you truly believe that Christ died so we may live, it should not only bring you to your knees πŸ™‡ but also to your feetπŸ•΄οΈ”.

What the preacher’s basically saying is that we shouldn’t just confess that we believe, some action is required. So πŸ‘€, do you really believe in the cross of Christ? Have you done anything about it 🀷?

As we celebrate this Easter loves❀️, don’t stop at telling someone about Jesus…GIVE too! Identify someone to bless this season. It could be your neighbor, your workmate, a friend/relative you’ve been out of touch with for a while 😏..

It doesn’t have to be magnifico πŸ˜‚…You can share a simple meal 🍱, those clothes that you barely wear, one-two-three basic household necessities, etc with them 😊.

Don’t just talk about Jesus – Give Him too

“They shall be known by their fruits..”- Matthew 7:20

Happy Easter Holidays πŸ₯‚. Meanwhile, what plans do y’all have? Care to share (in the commentary 🀩)?Who knows, I could borrow a leaf πŸ˜‚.


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