A platform that delves deeper into discovering God through realities based on my truth as I over time have been drawn to the discovery that;”People learn more from one’s truth.”
Each blog post is created to encourage and guide it’s readers to an enlightened livelihood under the umbrella of God’s grace.


I believe beyond no reasonable doubt that your life will not remain the same.


Hey hey 🤗,Have you had an episode in your life where you’ve had to just pause? For how long have you had to sit by life’s sidelines waiting 🛋? 👉 to say “I DO” (this just had to come first because oh well, y’all know 😅),👉 to welcome your first child,👉 for financial support to … Continue reading THE WAITING SEASON


Good morning Beautiful person , Thank you so much for keeping up with the kingdom  mouthpiece blog. I appreciate you all for the comments and testimonials; my heart is full 🤗. To you who’s here for the first time, you’re welcome. On to today’s affair; how many pages have you torn out of your story?Are … Continue reading TORN PAGES


Ola 🙋‍♀️,                                                                                               I couldn’t bear having you guys die with curiosity 😀😀. Here we are!🎉So you happen to be a newbie in a work environment and you’re met with a complete opposite of what you were anticipating. What would/did you do? (Be sure to leave me a comment at the end of today’s read. I’d … Continue reading PART 2 (THE DETOUR SERIES)


Hey hey😁Your comments on the previous piece had me overwhelmed with gladness 🤗 but 😶permit me to burst your bubble🙊 in a good way though😌. Imagine your plans didn’t work out like you’d expected 😬 and due to the unavoidable, you find yourself having to adjust to a plan B🤦. Does someone make some bit … Continue reading THE DETOUR SERIES (pt. 1)


Once upon a time, I dreamed that I’d become the talk of my family, friends, church and everyone that knew me. I smiled whenever I pictured myself wearing an overall and protective boots with a spanner in hand repairing and fixing machine parts. I often gave myself a pat on the shoulder every time I … Continue reading A GIRL AND HER DREAM


“God is the only one who has the authority to tell you who you are.” – Sarah Mae. THE CRISIS While growing up, I always bragged about how I was a Mutooro rather than embracing my paternal roots. No doubt the Buganda culture is a beautiful one; but my father’s absence was enough icing to … Continue reading IDENTITY


Welcome back 😊, Did you catch a grip of you? Well, this is the bit where I want to point us back to the first love who’s Christ Jesus and shade light on the possibility of becoming clean before Him 😊. The enemy doesn’t want God’s children (you inclusive 🤗) to be free. He delights … Continue reading NO MORE SHEETS


THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY No one knows how difficult it is to write this bit. When you grow up and know that there are a whole lot of people that look up to you, all there’s to that is “being perfect” to the dot. Of course NO ONE is perfect but 🤷. … Continue reading SHEETS


Some short notes;When this happened: 2013Event: Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education ExaminationsExamination Center: Makerere College School, Kampala DITCHED This season began with a Medical Diagnose of “ulcers” that was birthed by the existence of a constant stomach upset, a symptom I constantly bugged my mother about. I therefore was put on a diet that I … Continue reading MY 1st GOD ENCOUNTER

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