A platform that delves deeper into discovering God through realities based on my truth as I over time have been drawn to the discovery that;”People learn more from one’s truth.”
Each blog post is created to encourage and guide it’s readers to an enlightened livelihood under the umbrella of God’s grace.


I believe beyond no reasonable doubt that your life will not remain the same.


Excerpts from a Bible plan titled “Control”.✍️ For starters, I was today years old when I discovered… that the most dangerous person in the lifeguarding career is – a drowning person. Anyone like me ?👀 I learnt further that when someone begins to drown, the lifeguard never draws close nigh. Yes they need help, but … Continue reading LIFEGUARDING


Hi Guys, Hopefully, you all are doing well. As we draw close to winding up into the loong weekend, I thought I should come to us with a teaser 😆. You’ve probably watched The Passion of the Christ movie or been to Sunday school where you heard the teacher tell the crucifixion story….Maybe the message … Continue reading THIS EASTER ✨..


The disciples alongside Jesus embarked on a journey by sea and voila, a great windstorm arose. As if that wasn’t enough, the waves began breaking into the boat and the disciples took fright. I’d do the same honestly 😂. But God requires us to react differently – in situations such as these (storms of life). … Continue reading PEACE – AMIDST THE STORM


Hi Guys, how are we? Happy New Month – I pray that God overwhelms you beyond your imagination. Today, I’d like to pause a question to us all – Who’s in charge of your life? I hope we each get to the same discovery at the climax of this read ☺️. Do stay with me. … Continue reading LET GOD LEAD 🎯.


And the LORD said: “I have surely seen the oppression of my people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry because of their task masters, for I know their sorrows.”~Exodus 3:7 Once upon a time, I was headed for a depression spree. I see some of you already exclaiming; “But why were you … Continue reading LOVE, YOU’RE SEEN.


Hi there 👋, who would’ve imagined that the above title would wind up as the 2021 curtain raiser on the blog? Speaking of which, it’s been a minute guys 😃 – Happy New Year. I hope you’re awesome and that this year is off to a good start so far. Well, today’s piece isn’t intended … Continue reading HEAVEN NEARLY MISSED…


The surety of problems is that they are tumultuous and unfair sometimes. At their sight, our immediate exclamation – “Why me?”rolls into play. But how about I let you in on something I learnt recently…stick with me 😊. When Rebekah conceived (in Genesis 25:20-ff), something happened. There was a race between the two children. The … Continue reading WHY PROBLEMS


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